Cyclocross Championship Granted New Sponsor Company

Ever since Bicycle Components has risen to the top of its market segment, they have seriously considered that sponsorship would be another great category for channeling their funds for greater development. The company has sponsored many smaller sporting events, and finally in 2022 they were awarded the right to fund the Bike-cross World Championship.

2022 Championship will collaborate with Specialized Bicycle Components

Back in 2020, when the organizers were deciding on the need to attract new funding channels for the sports Tournament, they considered a huge number of different organizations. Their choice was made in favor of Bicycle Components. The Organizing Committee of the Championship made a statement that this company has all the prospects and every chance to become a worthy patron of athletes from all over the world.

Specialized Bicycle Components received official confirmation of its sponsorship of the Tournament in mid-2020, which is scheduled for the end of January dates of the 2022 season in the US state of Arkansas. Recall that in 2022 the Cyclocross Championship for the second time in its seventy-year history will be held outside European countries – in the United States of America.

Specialized’s 2020 Achievements Didn’t Limit With Single Invitation

In addition to being solemnly presented with an official invitation to sponsor the World Cyclocross Tournament in 2020, in the same year, Bicycle Components became the official patrons of another high-profile competition – the Pan American Cyclocross Championship. This sporting event took place at the beginning of November and was held at the venue of the UCI World Championship.

With regards to this competition, this bike race is a continental race, which is held annually for all athletes by their member countries of the Pan American Confederation of Sports. Such competitions are traditionally held at the end of summer, on the twentieth of August. On average, about two hundred and fifty athletes take part in the bike race, who gather from 12 member countries of the Confederation. By tradition, most of the athletes at the competitions are represented by the country that hosts the Tournament itself on its territory. In 2020, that country was the United States. Thus, the company can be proud of its status not only in the market of its segment, but also in the field of cycling, as special attention is aimed at it.

The reaction of the management of Specialized to the honorary right of sponsorship

When Specialized Components received the official confirmation of their financial participation in the World Championship of Cyclocross, the entire management was in a pleasant shock. Benedict, one of the members of the organization’s happy director, commented in an interview that it was very important for their company to see this level of competition in the United States, because it promotes sportsmanship among American youth. The great country had a great opportunity to show the whole world the professionalism and level of Americans.
Moreover, Benedict said that they will start preparing from the first day of receiving official confirmation of their patronage in order to demonstrate a worthy level of their brands to the global partner society.

Many athletes who have already participated in the World Championships on several occasions have also stated that Bicycle Components is an incredibly reliable financial unit that will never let you down. Athletes have already collaborated with Specialized before, some have even been in contact with it for more than two years, and each person was more than satisfied. One of the future participants in the Cyclocross Tournament, Roschetta, said that when she found out who would fund the competition in 2022, the goal of getting there and winning became even more important to her. Roschetta shared her emotions and said that the world can expect a new champion right now.