Core Highlights to Be Presented from 2022 Cyclocross World Championship

While almost all sports were in the so-called hibernation and were just getting ready to wake up, cycling was already developing in full and was organizing the starting event of the season. The 2022 cycling season was kicked off with the World Championship of Cyclocross, hosted in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In all six races of the Tournament, there were very intense competitions among all categories of participants. But still, the finish line was crossed and the winners were determined. Participants and fans shared their incredible emotions about the exciting two days of cycling. We have also collected for you all the important and key information regarding the Cycling Championship.

Peculiarities of the bike track in Kentucky

Everyone knows perfectly well that this Tournament usually takes place in European countries, and most often in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. In 2013 and 2022, twice in the history of the entire world competition, the United States hosted cyclists from all countries. Accordingly, before the start of the races, there were many questions whether the United States would be able to organize a decent venue and a quality track with all the amenities.

The Organizing Committee of the Championship, which is based in the States, took the matter quite seriously and provided a quality track for the competition. The site chosen was Centennial Park in Fayetteville, a beautiful area near the mountains. This place was specially built for bicycle racing.

The track for the Championship was more than adequately designed: the track started out flat and paved, then there were sharp left and right turns with grass, after which the athletes were waiting for another test – a steep uphill, with a slope of about 20%. On such a track, athletes have the opportunity to reach speeds of about 42 kilometers per hour. The finish line is also located in a flat area. Throughout the track, medical assistance, moral support, as well as water and snacks were available to athletes.

What interesting things happened in different qualifications?

As a reminder, there are six qualifiers in the Cyclocross World Championship, all of which were successfully held in Kentucky in 2022. As for the elite races for male and female:

In the men’s category, the most unexpected moment was the absence of clear favorites on the track. At the last moment, two popular athletes did not enter the track. Pool, the last year’s cycling champion, could not show the same brilliant result due to the protracted recovery process after the injury.

With regards to the women’s category, the race was very intense. The current medalist of last year was still one of the favorites and did not want to give her title back.

In the qualifications of juniors, both female and male, everything was calm and predictable. But in the category of age up to 23 years, new names of athletes, who initially did not even claim to be in the top 10, became the favorites. There was definitely something interesting here.

Broad coverage of the Championship for the people

For fans who personally came to see with their own eyes how the history of cycling is being created, all the necessary conditions for living and comfortable pastime were prepared. But for those who could not find the opportunity to attend in person, the radio and channels did not allow them to remain without the necessary information. In real time, the qualification races were broadcast on all sports channels in Europe. In turn, in the US, Eurosport and GCN also broadcast. European and American radio stations also paid attention to the Cyclocross World Championship. Commentators in real time led a text broadcast for listeners. Everything was done for the comfort of the cycling fans.