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Volunteers will be directly involved in assisting operations before, during and after the 2022 Cyclocross World Championships. Volunteers play an active role in helping to create a positive and exciting atmosphere and contribute to the overall success of the World Championships. Although most of our volunteer positions are for ages 18 and over, we do have a few positions for ages 15+. No special skills are necessary, however if you have special skill a special skill, let us know on the application.


Fayetteville 2022 offers companies some great opportunities for on-site branding, including  global television visibility and spectators, exclusive product presentation and VIP Hospitality.  All in very from attractive demographic groups.

Why partner with Fayetteville 2022?   More than any other sport, cycling is truly international in character. Cyclists are the second largest (and the fastest growing) group of competitive and recreational athletes in the world. Only soccer boasts more worldwide participants.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, sales of bicycles has increased significantly as individuals worldwide have recognized the importance of staying healthy and fit – outside at a safe distance from others.

In the United States cycling popularity has never been greater. The U. S. has more recreational and competitive cyclists than golfers, skiers, and tennis players combined. The growing number of cycling enthusiasts tend to be young, affluent, and well educated. While all forms of cycling are growing, “off-road” cycling, including cyclocross and gravel riding, are especially popular.  The pinnacle event – the Cyclocross World Championships, will attract such spectators for this event rarely held in the US.

Some of our new partners have initially expressed “I’ve never even heard of cyclocross.”  Upon learning about the sport, the event and noting that the opportunity in today’s saturated media and marketing landscape, our partners are able to find unique value.  Fayetteville 2022 offers customized partnerships with benefits that include on-site, on-air and online components reaching  local, national and international audiences.   

For more information or to discuss partnership opportunities please contact us.

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